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God And World Religion: The Secret Identity Of “God” Exposed, Finally…

You may now accept this 10,000 year Old “SECRET” that had been kept abroad from the accepted accessible by the “Power Elite” until now…

Know the accuracy and set yourself chargeless forever. Suffer no more. Rise and shine. It is your birthright…

You may be admiration the amiss “God” after alive it because you were built-in into a ancestors who belonged to a assertive religion, and naturally, you now accord to the aforementioned adoration and accept never questioned their scriptural teachings.

You never questioned their teaching because you’ve been programmed to accept that to do so would be to go adjoin “God” (a abnormal getting that allegedly created the universe!) and wrong, a sin for which you would be punished. It is abhorrence that has chock-full you from accomplishing so.

So, you accept swallowed all their commodity on face value, even though, beneath accustomed circumstances, you would not do so.

To appearance any intelligence by analytic or arguing adjoin their acceptance could advance to getting condemned, alienated and abandoned by your family, friends, and community. We understand. You’re not to be blamed.

There are abounding organized religions today in the world; the better getting Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, paganism and animism. Billions of bodies accord to and acknowledge acceptance to them.

Almost all these religions advise acceptance in a abnormal being, alleged “God” and accept scriptures, online writing of faith, and rituals that its associates accept to practice.

Most aswell accept a axial area (for archetype church, temple, mosque, synagogue) area its associates accumulate to adoration their “God” and appoint in rituals.

A getting who believes in a God is advised religious.

A getting who denies the actuality of a God is an atheist.

A getting who believes God is cabalistic is an agnostic.

It may be accurate that a lot of animal beings are active in avant-garde times of top technology, computers, the internet, corpuscle phones, TV and amplitude travel, but their minds are still archaic and undeveloped.

They accept no accomplishment in analytical assay and accurate adherence because organized religions accept programmed them to consistently “believe in things” and never to “think or catechism or assay things”, and to aspect all that happens in their circadian lives to the designs of a God (if it is good) or a devil (if it is bad).

Their mentality and adherence accept not matured. Their bodies are present actuality in the 21st century, but their minds are still ashore 100,000 years in the past. (Thanks to glassy brainy programming by organized religions.)

All the worlds’ organized religions accept assertive things in common:

In adjustment to catechumen a lot of people, and aswell to boss their congregations, they accept advisedly and accidentally active a appalling strategy.

They accept developed their scriptures by accumulation adherence with moral systems, rituals, hypnotism, animal psychology, psychism, astrology, theology, pre-history, fear, paranoia and fatalism.

That is why they accept so abundant ability and admission over billions of people.

One adoration in particular, Christianity, was able to advance like agrarian blaze because wherever they went in the abortive world, they bribed the bodies by architecture roads, schools and hospital for them.

By so doing, it was simple for them to conciliate their adherence and catechumen them.

As for Islam (the so alleged adoration of “peace”), instead of bribery its converts with avant-garde amenities, it acclimated murder.

They advance because, if you banned to accept in their teaching, they would cut off your head! And their converts were smart. They adapted to save their heads!

Spirituality: This is the science of getting acquainted that leads to the ability of your inner, unseen, attributes and your accord to attributes on the outside. This is not the aforementioned as religion, even admitting a lot of bodies aberration the two as the same.

Moral system: This is a amusing teaching that establishes what is appropriate or amiss in a accustomed society, for the account of the inhabitants, in adjustment to advance law and adjustment and the adaptation of the society. It has abolishment to do with spirituality.

So, one may not be moral, and yet he/she can become airy because adherence transcends chastity (right and wrong).

Actually, the ultimate acceptation of a accurate airy getting is one who has gone above appropriate and amiss (morality), physique and mind, and the apple (materiality). It is the “Beyond”.

This is the acumen why animal beings accept consistently blurred adherence and the airy commodity of aware beings, and accept consistently abused airy teachings.

Hypnotism: This is the art of application alliteration to affairs somebody’s apperception to displace his/her adherence and bulldoze him/her to do things adjoin his/her wishes. This is what organized religions do.

They accomplish you go to the church, mosque, temple and abbey area they deliver to you and echo their sermons endlessly. By so doing, they anesthetize you and accomplish you clumsy to use your rational mind.

Actually, their allure is aswell direct, because they acquaint you anon that you accept to accept their scripture (have faith) and you can’t agnosticism it because it is the “word” of their “God”.

So, their allure and brainy programming are both absolute (must accept faith, no analytic or thinking) and aberrant (rituals, admonition and worshiping).

We’re behaving in a mad way. The apple is mad. A lot of Christian nations of the apple in Europe, America and Russia accept diminutive and nuclear bombs that they ambition at one another.

Any day, a aberration can could cause them to be set off and the apple will be engulfed in a nuclear conflagration. Such mistakes, of a abreast nuclear advance based on a apocryphal alarm, accept in fact happened a few times before.

If a approaching nuclear war is not set off due to animal absurdity or a computer glitch, afresh it will be set off by all the mad and angry bodies active about in the world.

With the apple wallowing and over abounding with so abounding weapons, wars, quarrels a part of nations, racism, ethnicism, hate, evil, scams, crimes, moral depravity, prostitution, biologic abuse, calm problems, bread-and-butter woes and poverty, area in the apple is organized religions alive and bearing acceptable citizens?

Islam says that it is a “religion of peace” and yet Islamic fundamentalists roam the apple throwing bombs and murdering innocent citizens that accept not acquired them any trouble.

In the Middle East, Palestinians are sending their 14 year olds as suicide bombers to abolishment Jews. This is a abject atrocity.

Using 14 year old innocent accouchement as suicide bombers should be advised a abomination adjoin humanity. What has UN done about this? Why is there no all-embracing accusation and abuse adjoin this atrocity?

Israel claims that Palestinian acreage accord to them because their “God”, Jehovah, gave it to their patriarch, “Abraham”, bags of years ago.

But “Abraham” is not a actual personality. Does anyone has any absolute affidavit that Abraham was a actual figure?

And their “God”, aswell accepted as “El” (from area the name “Isra-EL” is derived) or “Jehovah”, was an age-old astronaut from out of amplitude whose chase colonized apple about 500,000 years ago. He was aswell accepted by added names: “Nanna” or “Poisedon”.

“El” was aswell accepted as “Enlil” and he was the ancestor of Jehovah, who was aswell accepted as “Nanna” or Poisedon.

They are not “God” the architect of the universe. They were age-old astronauts!

SHOCKING abundant advice about this “God” has been apparent in an important and able report: “Introduction To TMT Science And Technology”, and you may download it FREE at the website listed in the author’s ability box at the end of this article.

And area is Jehovah anyway? Why is he so bashful for decades while his accouchement abolishment anniversary added for the account of a section of abandoned arid land?

If he gave Palestinian acreage to the Jews, why doesn’t he appear down from wherever he lives and affirm that to us today? Is he not omnipresent, all-seeing and almighty anymore?

And if his accouchement accept been admiration him for bags of years and his assembly (the rabbis, scribes, priests, bishops and popes who affirmation to apperceive him and accept absolute admission to him) accept been calling on him, why is he so bashful then? Is he deaf?

Iran and North Korea abide with efforts to advance nuclear warheads.

Some of them accept bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan and Russia.

Nobody knows if North Korea is backbiting or not, but they accept been authoritative threats to America.

India and Pakistan accept nuclear warheads aimed at anniversary other, cat-and-mouse for any affront to advance the button.

Also, India and Pakistan acclimated to be one country, and are the cradle of the greatest civilizations and religions in the world: Hinduism and Buddhism.

Instead of spending money to advance India and Pakistan, their governments squander it by stockpiling nuclear weapons that can abate their countries, while hundreds of millions of their bodies accept no avant-garde amenities, jobs, electricity, active water, acceptable roads, clothes, apprenticeship or food.

Can you see the carelessness of politicians?

The apple is fast hasty appear a nuclear annihilation. It may be triggered by absurdity or acquainted activity of angry people.

And unless it happens, we bodies will not deathwatch up and our carelessness will not stop.

One day, will Americans deathwatch up in the morning alone to accept nuclear weapons aqueous down on them? By afresh it is too late….

So, area is the religious teaching and how is it alive anywhere with so abounding disputes, quarrels and wars: Arabs vs. Jews; Chinese vs. Japanese; China vs. Taiwan; Blacks vs. Whites; Communism vs. Democracy; Christianity vs. Islam and Judaism vs. Christianity.

The apple is mad. We charge to apple-pie it up and alpha all over. If we don’t, we’ll all end up in a nuclear war that will clean out billions of bodies and accomplish our planet uninhabitable for bags of years.

It has happened afore and it may appear again. Unless we all deathwatch up and appear aback to our senses.

During the next 10 yrs, there may be a lot of accustomed disasters hitting our planet and millions of bodies may perish. Abounding above economies may collapse. Diseases will be widespread.

It may accept already begun, with the tsunami that just hit Southeast Asia recently, which accept claimed hundreds of bags of lives.

Please feel chargeless to book this article, broadcast it anywhere or e-mail it to your accompany and colleagues.

Have a blessed new year and reside continued and prosper.


I-key Benney

Biotechnology Thrives in India

LONAVLA, India — In India, Hindu ability trumps all. And although India is a growing hub of abstruse and biological influence, Hinduism dominates even the sciences. India is ranked 37 a allotment of the 82 countries adjourned by the Apple Bread-and-butter Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for the “state of their advice technology arrangement and its furnishings on bread-and-butter advance and productivity.”

Roughly 300,000 engineers alum from Indian colleges and universities anniversary year. Multinational companies are demography advantage of the aptitude basin by authoritative above high-tech investments, such as Microsoft’s plan to absorb $1.7 billion and appoint 3,000 advisers in India over the next three to four years.

India’s biotech industry is aswell on the rise, with 500,000 doctors and nurses entering the workforce annually. Axis corpuscle analysis in both the accessible and clandestine sectors has developed appreciably over the accomplished few years in India, area backroom or acceptance has not hindered its expansion. As a result, India is home to not one but three civic axis corpuscle analysis facilities.

In Western nations like the United States, however, axis corpuscle analysis is a hot-button issue. Just a accessible altercation of the analysis has triggered bent protests and afflicted up government officials. Not so in India, area the Hindu-influenced worldview pervades accurate advance and accustomed discourse.

Hinduism, for its part, “doesn’t allotment the moral skittishness sometimes displayed by Western Christian thought,” said Arvind Sharma, the Birks Assistant of Comparative Religions at Montreal’s McGill University. If no activity is destroyed if demography axis beef from an aborted fetus, and the purpose is not evil, it would not afflict their morality, he said.

To accumulate things on an even keel, civil committees affair civic directives. In 2004, the Central Ethics Committee on Animal Analysis of the Indian Council on Medical Analysis broadcast ethical guidelines on how to conduct axis corpuscle research. The Draft Guidelines on Axis Corpuscle Research/Regulation stresses that “termination of abundance for accepting fetus for axis cells, analysis or for transplantation is not to be permitted.” Additionally, “no antecedent can be created for the sole purpose of accepting axis cells.” In 2000, a address on “Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Analysis on Animal Subjects,” which dealt with abiogenetic screening, was released.

Recommendations such as these are absolutely in appearance for the accepted milieu, said Sharma. “Most moral issues don’t appear into the accessible address but abide private.” Using the archetype of addition bioethical altercation that is advancing in the West, he added, “People accord with issues like afterlife in the ambience of their families.”

India is clearly a civil republic, home to the bigger amount of Hindus and Muslims in the world. “Nearly every Indian, behindhand of religion, is Hindu-thinking and lives according to Hindu ability and philosophy,” said Ram Surat, a Christian catechumen accepting his divinity amount at the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. For Hindus, this aesthetics translates to a account for all life, a acceptance in an abiding physique and the physique as a vessel.

Even Christians — a growing citizenry in India — do not accept as able criticisms of biotechnology as their Western counterparts. The acumen is that Hinduism casts a continued adumbration even over added religions.

Few Christians in India allocution about such issues, said Selva Raj, the Stanley S. Kresge Assistant of Religious Studies at Albion University in Michigan. “Indian Christians are abundant added absorbed in how to reside and coexist with humans of added religions.”

“Life and afterlife are not credibility in a line. It is a Möbius strip,” said Shridhar Venkatraman, an architect in Chennai who lived for 10 years in the United States. “All active things plan against artifice this cycle,” and so activity and afterlife are claimed issues.

The account describes discoveries in science as able-bodied as the furor they could could cause in the West. But in general, the altercation is digested silently. “Bioethics is alone discussed by the actual few elite,” according to Dhruv Raina, a assistant at the Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. “In general, the abundance of humans prevails over account of danger,” said Raina, who researches the accord amid science, societies, ethics and culture.

Hinduism, itself, is not a caked entity. “Unlike Christianity, Hinduism is not a codification adoration with a individual apostolic ascendancy to approach on every subject,” said Jayanthi Iyengar, a practitioner of the Art of Living, in Pune. “You will not acquisition a position on these issues like the one the Catholic Church has on aborticide or abiogenetic modification,” Iyengar said.

“Hinduism has a blueprint of pragmatism,” according to Lalitha Khanna, a researcher with a Delhi-based anticipate tank. “What is acceptable for authoritative a bigger apple is condoned, even agilely embraced. Axis corpuscle research, therefore, doesn’t accompany out the angry action that Christians in the West apparently acquaintance and evince,” she added. Religious mandates would be out of abode here. “Every camp and subsect has a authority of its own and will not chase the religious admonition of another,” said Khanna.

Cloning is aswell not a bedraggled chat in India. “Hinduism will not accept any above conflicts with engineered activity forms of any affectionate because the attitude has consistently had assorted activity forms and considers any and all of them as co-travelers on the Möbius strip,” said Venkatraman.

“We are culturally desensitized to the achievability of the actuality of such things,” added Sharma. Case in point: The Hindu god of acceptable beginnings, Ganesha, is animal with an elephant’s head; the god Vishnu came to apple as a narasimha — bisected man, bisected lion.

Most Indian accouchement apprentice these belief growing up, behindhand of religion. “At the akin of practice, I anticipate Indian Christians are appealing businesslike in their use of technologies,” said Rowena Robinson, an accessory assistant of folklore at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. “I am not abiding if the brainy implications could could cause abundant wringing of hands,” she said.

It is amiss to anticipate science and adoration are in battle in India, added Victor Ferrao, a doctoral apprentice at the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth seminary in Pune. In his hometown of Goa, Ferrao leads a association science-and-religion chat group. “Developments in science accomplish the chat urgent,” he said, “but science and adoration are correlational.”